Friday, 17 August 2012

In the Sporting Spirit Lets Play Golf!

I am back from Scotland complete with midge bites and one strip of spectacular sunburn down one leg. It has actually gone a little purple. I kid you not.

During my week in the caravan, I followed Team GB’s victories and am now all excited about sport. Well at least for now. I am trying to get tickets for the Paralympics; I am almost definitely going to visit the Herne Hill Velodrome (where Bradley Wiggins started out); and I am going to miniature golf tomorrow.

I was excited about mini gold because you have the competitive element and certain skills are required to get that tiny ball through the rotating windmill. Additional excitement came from the fact I was supposed to be playing on Selfridges’ roof. However because it is so damn popular - you may have heard of it already - it has already sold out for tomorrow. I am now going to a course in Gunnersbury. I don’t know where Gunnersbury is. And its called Gunnersbury.

Anyway, back to Selfridges for a moment. They have built a marvellous looking Tea and Miniature Golf area on their roof to celebrate a particular type of British eccentricity. From what I can make out from an introductory video you play 9 holes of golf around obstacles shaped like London Landmarks, which are made to look like cakes or sweets. For example, there are several platters of mini-St. Pauls jellies that you have to weave your ball through. Hmm jelly cathedrals.

The course is open from 12-10pm each day until 2nd September and tickets can be bought in advance from here. If you are a more free and easy type of guy/gal you can rock up and wait in line to play your round. It costs £6 per person which is not uber cheap for such an activity, but I mention it here because its uniqueness and I think you would get the added bonus of a nice view. I am all about the nice views.

Of course, a Golf and Tea Party is nothing without tea. I had a look at the menu that the golf and I would say take your pennies elsewhere. Afternoon Tea for 1 is £17.95, which is standard is fancy hotels, but lets be honest you are on top of a department store. No thanks. A pot of tea for 1 is £2.95(eek!) and a brownie £5.95 (just no). So I would take a thermos with you or better yet play later in the afternoon, then go to the foodhall for reduced food items. I'm not sure about everyone down there but I know the sushi place does some great deals. Granted, sushi is not very British, but eat it with your tea and you’ll be laughing. That counts as fusion right?

Oh also at the time of writing Golf is still not an Olympic sport. However with table tennis as a proper event, it can only be a matter of time before miniature golf gets in there. So, until then, I shall keep practising my swing and the art of avoiding rotating windmills. Yes I shall.

Picture taken from here.

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